Planning for College: Ten Steps

Step One

Save money as early as possible to help pay for your teen’s education.

Step Two

Encourage your teen to make high school count, preparing academically for higher education.

Step Three

Discuss with your teen his or her skills and interests, career options and schools he or she is interested in attending.

Step Four

Meet with the high school counselor to determine what schools match your teen’s academic abilities.

Step Five

Gather information about the schools your teen is interested in attending, including information on financial aid.

Step Six

Take your teen to visit a college campus and ask the right questions.

Step Seven

Help your teen apply for admission. To apply for financial aid, help him or her complete the FAFSA.

Step Eight

Consider scholarships, grants, and work-study programs. Complete any necessary applications or forms and submit them before the deadline.

Step Nine

Consider the loan programs available to you and your teen.

Step Ten

Learn more about tax credits, deductions, and other considerations for education expenses.