Stay in School

You may be thinking, “College? Hey, that’s too far off to think about!” But you’d be wrong. Middle School is exactly when you should start thinking about your future—and the best way of getting there.

Of course, your future is linked to the career you decide to follow, and college is where you gain the skills for your career! So a little planning now—and keeping your grades up—will go a long way later.

Reason #1

High school dropouts are four times more likely than college graduates to be unemployed.

Reason #2

Graduating from high school will most likely determine how well you live for the rest of your life.

Reason #3

On average, high school graduates earn $175 more per week than high school dropouts. College graduates earn $368 more per week than high school graduates.

The big lesson here?

You’ve got a lot to lose by giving up, and everything to gain by being serious about school.